Isis rise
Rise from the eternal depths of time
Rise from the infinite depths of our golden sands
Rise from the midst of our pyramidic lands

Isis, daughter of Geb and Nut
Wife and sister of Osiris
Mother of Horus
Rise and come to us
Come to us wrapped your sky of blue
Come to us speaking your divine words that are true

Isis, our Great Egyptian Goddess
Our Goddess of fertility and motherhood
Our Goddess of creation
Our Great Mother who embodies all feminine divine aspects

* Maiden * Mother * Crone *
For You are the essence of all feminine energy
For You are the essence of all women
So Isis, rise and be 1 with us

Be 1 with us
At this Festival in honor of You, our beloved Goddess
This festival, that is the festival of the Lights of Isis
A day that we set aside for You
A day that we deem sacred
A day that we celebrate You
Celebrate You in your full glory
Celebrate by lighting sacredly our candles and incense
     made from dried Rose Petals, in honor of You
Isis we light them so that you will rise
Rise and show Yourself to us
For this is our time when we all rejoice
Rejoice and pay homage to You, our Great Egyptian Goddess, our Mother of All
So Isis, rise and lead us

Lead us
For you are our universal Mother
Our Mistress of all the elements - earth, air, fire, water, spirit
Our Mistress of words and the Goddess of Nature
For You are the primordial child of time
The Queen of the Underworld
The Sovereign of all things spiritual
and we...
Worship you in your many aspects and 10,000 names,
     but we know that you are most pleased when we
     call You by Your true name, Queen Isis
For when we call You by Your true name, Queen Isis,
     You will rise for us and never leave us
Never leave us after we call You thrice by Your true name

Queen Isis, Queen Isis, Queen Isis
By the magickal power of 3
We call You to us to be 1 with us
1 with us in Your many names of...

          Khut, Usert, Thenenet, Sati, Sept, Anqet,
          Ankhet, Sekhet, Renenet, Tcheft, Ament,

Who is revered by us as our...

          great lady, giver of life, divine one, only one,
          queen of the earth, lady of green crops, lady of
          bread, lady of beer, lady of abundance, lady of
          joy and gladness, lady of love, beautiful goddess,
          lady of words of power and mighty creatrix

So Queen Isis, Queen Isis, Queen Isis
By the magickal power of 3
Come to us and be 1 with us

Look, look, look....
Look one and all
Isis is rising
Rising from the eternal depths of time
Rising from the infinite depths of our golden sands
Rising from the midst of our pyramidic lands
Our beloved Isis is rising
Rising with divine words that she is speaking to us...

I rise to you and take my throne of stone while wearing
     My crown of horns that enclose the sun
I rise to you protected by My symbols of the throne,
     the tat, the knot, and the sustrum
I rise to you as your Queen, the Divine one, the Holy One
For I am the Mother of Kings
For I am the Lady of Joy, the female Ra, the Creatrix
For out of Me all life is born

I rise to you as your Goddess of many names in many forms...
I rise to you as the...
          Moon Goddess, Star Goddess, White Goddess,
          Goddess of fertility, Water Goddess,
          Earth Goddess and Corn Goddess
I rise to you as your one and only Goddess
Your holy Goddess
Your divine Goddess
Your true Goddess

I rise to you as you call out to Me at twilight
I rise to you from the sea with the sweet scent of jasmine,
     sandlewood, rosemary and lotus blossoms surrounding me
I rise to you crying My tears of love and joy for you
I rise to you as you call Me and reach out to Me
     in your times of sorrow, your times of need
     and in your times of loneliness
For I too have experienced great pain and relentless grief
For I too have lived in the darkest of dark places

I rise to you understanding love's joys and pains
For I too have experienced great love and loss of my beloved Osiris
For I was separated from my beloved Osiris by Seth
Seth who murdered and dismembered My beloved Osiris,
     whose body I reassembled after I turned into a kite,
     wheeled and screeched, and with the breeze from
     My wings, I breathed life back into the body of Him,
     my beloved Osiris
My beloved Osiris who is the father of our son Horus
Alas Seth could not separate us, because eternally and
     cosmically in the heavens above, Me and my beloved
     Osiris are together forever in the stars of Sept
     and Sah, together forever joined by our divine love

I also rise to you as your magician
Your Mistress of Magick
Magick that I learned directly from Thoth -
     the Lord of divine words
Magick that I obtained from Ra himself
For I tricked him into revealing his name to Me,
     so that I could acquire his full magickal knowledge
Full magickal knowledge that was created with the rod
Full magickal knowledge that I will divine down to
     My Priestesses, My followers and My devotees

For with this magickal knowledge that I obtained, I am your...
          Mistress of Magick
          Queen of the dead
          Queen of the immortals

For if you recite my secret words of power over an amulet
     called thet, made of carnelian, steep it in water of
     ankhami flowers, and set it in a sycamore plinth, and
     lay it on the neck of the deceased, it will place him
     under the protection of My magickal words of power,
     and the deceased will be able to go wheresoever he
     pleases in the Underworld...
For My blood, My magical powers, and My words of power,
     are mighty and will protect and keep all safe, and
     guard all from all harm and evil
So now that I have risen for you once again
Risen from the eternal depths of time
Risen from the infinite depths of your golden sands
Risen from the midst of your pyramidic lands
I am here to forever stay and...
From your love I will never stray
-Savannah Skye

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