(Excerpts from the Hymn to Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, as recorded on one
of the"Seven Tablets of Creation", dated Seventh Century b.c.)

I pray unto thee, Lady of Ladies, Goddess of Goddesses!
O Ishtar, Queen of all peoples, directress of mankind!
O Irnini, thou art raised on high, mistress of the spirits of heaven;
Thou art mighty, thou hast sovereign power, exalted is thy name!
Thou are the light of heaven and earth, O valiant daughter of the Moon-god.
Ruler of weapons, arbitress of the battle!
Framer of all decrees, wearer of the crown of dominion!
O Lady, majestic is thy rank, over all the gods it is exalted!
Thou art the cause of lamentation, thou sowest hostility among brethren who are at peace;
Thou art the bestower of strength! [friendship]
Thou art strong, O Lady of Victory, thou canst violently attain my desire!
O Gutira who are girt with battle, who are clothed with terror,
Thou wieldest the sceptre and the decision, the control of earth and heaven!
Holy chambers, shrines, divine dwellings and temples worship thee!
Where is thy name not (heard)? Where is thy decree not (obeyed)?


O goddess of men, O goddess of women, thou whose counsel none may learn,
Where thou lookest in pity, the dead man lives again, the sick is healed,
I, thy servant, sorrowful, sighing, and in distress cry unto thee.
Look upon me, O my Lady, and accept my supplication,
Truly pity me and hearken unto my prayer!
Cry unto me "It is enough!" and let thy spirit be appeased!
How long shall my body lament, which is full of restlessness and confusion?
How long shall my heart be afflicted, which is full of sorrow and sighing?


Unto thee therefore do I pray, dissolve my ban!
Dissolve my sin, my iniquity, my transgression and my offence!
Forgive my transgression, accept my supplication!
Secure my deliverance, and let me be loved and carefully tended!
Guide my footsteps in the light, that among men I may gloriously seek my way!
Say the word, that at thy command my angry god may have mercy
And that my goddess who is wroth may turn again.
Thou art the ruler, let then my torch flame forth!
May my scattered strength be collected.


Let my prayer and my supplication come unto thee,
And let thy great mercy be upon me,
That those who behold me in the street may magnify thy name,
And that I may glorify thy godhead and thy might before mankind!
Ishtar is exalted! My Lady is Queen!
Iraini, the valiant daughter of the Moon-god hath not a rival.


O exalted Ishtar, that givest light unto the four (quarters) of the world!


(Taken from WOMEN'S MYSTERIES, by M. Esther Harding)

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