I raise slow blue eyes to yours
You! Who mumble in dreams
You! Who have conjured me
In every form
In every ritual
Powerful Isis, Sweet Aphrodite
Gentle Bridgid
I am She
Who dances naked, whirling through the smoke of your campfires
Scatters sparks of stars through streams of night skies
She, who reigns the watchful course of the Moon
I am She
Who burns at the center of your innermost being
You who have called me awake from my earthly slumber
Urged me to your side
And for what?
I have been with you always, yet you did not know me
You whisper great words of seduction and mystery
I am here where I have always been
Reach for me now; I am the answer you seek
I have been preparing for this eternal moment
I am the loving culmination of all your soulful searches
I am She
I am Yours
My flame burns for you

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