I love.
Beloved, Mother of Creation,
transform me,
grant me wisdom to live in the light.

I come to you to seal a bond of love and commitment,
grant me discernment and loving goodness.

My love, enter, open and clear my heart so I may be held in your love.

Oh, Beloved-- sustainer of my body, heart and soul--
join with me and make me whole.

Oh, Beloved, all these long years I have sought you
and all this time your lips have been pressed against mine.

Yes, I do.

Oh, my Beloved, you have so gently opened my heart; now the petals of that rose
once scattered, have come to rest in the palm of your loving hand.

Luminous light step into my heart for we are One.

Opening up in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the One.

I will open up in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the Goddess.

Carry me back, Beloved, to the deep, loving chamber of my own eternal heart.

May I always remember the love and the light.

When I remember feeling your love, I weep.

Remembering our times together opens my heart to places that remain hidden
when we are apart.

Surrendering to the cosmic dance.

-Collaborative Poem
by Members of the "Dances of Universal Peace"

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