In the world of mysticism and sacred culture, woman is the center of the universe. Woman the creator, the bringer of life. It is woman, in the guise of the Hecate with their yarn and scissors or Diane and Artemis with the Moon and night sky or Psyche enamoring the epitome of love itself that has driven ancient and modern cultures. For a time though, the role of women has been misplaced, swept under the rug to make room for machismo and male domination. But, as they did then, things change.

Kimberly Berg is restoring women to their rightful place. Berg almost acts like the Tarot’s High Priestess—he ushers in the unseen, drawing back the mystical curtains, magical forces to enlighten The Fool—representing the world. His art, as he says, is a doorway (not an explanation). A doorway for the viewer to create and imagine a message. Kimberly Berg mixes the female form in a multitude of poses (some strong, some merely passive, but none weak) with mystic and sacred images like the sun, mandalas and even the metaphor of the dark wood. Using the ever malleable media of pastels, graphite, and other mixed media Berg manages to both draw focus to the woman subject as well as express a piece of the universe in the background. Sometimes the woman blends with the background like in Goddess I and II, while in Visitation of the Goddess the woman is the center and the background. In his Creatress series (mainly mixed media) Berg brings subject and metaphor to the front. Many of his women are pregnant, fulfilling a natural and divine rite- creation, the bringing forth, the holder of the sacred Yoni. Kimberly Berg breathes life into his art, a divine birth of creativity where art is the placenta that sustains the world while it grows, develops, and eventually becomes enlightened. (Reviewed by Logan Riley in the New York Arts Magazine)